Training for Black Friday on Cybertron.

Transformers Timelines volume 2 #1

(no, I don’t know why volume one only has one issue)

Fun Publications (2006)

“Dawn Of Futures Past”

WRITERS: Forest Lee & Pete Sinclair

STORY CONSULTANTS: Bob Forward & Benson Yee

PENCILERS: Dan Khanna, Alex Milne, & Marcello Matere

INKERS: Jake Eisen & Terry Pallot

COLORISTS: Drew Eiden, Josh Perez, & Thomas Deer


LETTERING: Junemoon Studio

PROFILES/EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Marcelo Matere, Josh Perez, Trent Troop, Kris Smith, Pete Sinclair, Lanny Lathem, & Benson Yee

In a prequel to Beast Wars Megatron and Dinobot steal the Golden Disk. Tigatron and his partner attempt to stop them and his partner is damaged. The Predacons make their escape in the Darksyde, a ship stolen by his allies and containing a Transwarp drive. The only Maximal ship in the area that can give chase is the Axalon, commanded by Optimus Primal, Tigatron is joined by Airazor as they use her ship to also chase the Predacons but it’s damaged when a Predacon ship tries to stop the Axalon. Rescued by Primal’s crue and put into stasis pods, Tigatron and Airazor are out of the fight as the Maximals follow the Predacons through time…and into the Beast Wars! Meanwhile the true leader of the Predacons has returned…namely Razorclaw, for these Predacons are the original Combiner Team to use that name.

Yes, I used the names we know them by. If you aren’t a die-hard fan you don’t even understand this sentence and if you do, I like to include everyone in the party, even casual fans. Please deal with it.

What they got right: The art is very good and while I have a lot of problems with some of the toys Botcon chose to remake into the pre-animal Maximals and Predacons, some of them are good choices. Each of the character’s personalities are well introduced through the short introductions we have for them. We even get hints of Tarantulas’s real allegiance without revealing them. Sure, if you saw the show you know as much as they were given time to before Hasbro went in a different direction with the toyline, but it makes this feel more like a prologue to the show.

What they got wrong: I understand Botcon wanted to use all the first year characters, but forcing Tigatron and Airazor into the story doesn’t quite work for me since they have to come up with a way to shove them into their protoforms without being able to take their bodies on board. And as I said before, while some choices for the available molds for the Cybertronain vehicle modes work, some just feel like they had no choice.

Recommendation: For Beast Wars fans this is as good a setup for the show as any other. It’s worth tracking down but that will be difficult. While a shelf exclusive was release (it’s the version I have) it wasn’t as widespread as other Transformers comics. There was also a version release by Shout Factory for ordering the series through their site, but I bought them in stores. Whatever version you find it’s worth getting.

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