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Never come between Lion-O and the last jelly donut. Especially if it’s cherry.

Thundercats #0

WildStorm (October, 2002)

“A Cat’s Tale” plus promotional material

WRITERS/ARTISTS: Ford Lytle Gilmore & J. Scott Campbell

INKER: Rhys Yorke


LETTERING: Rick & Wes at Comicraft

EDITOR: Scott Dunbier

To introduce readers to the series we have a short story where Wilykat wishes he had a weapon like the adult Thundercats do instead of the usual bag of tricks he and his sister Wilykit have. He then flashes back to older Thundercat adventures, which Lion-O notes didn’t quite happen the way he’s “remembering” them. For example, Lion-O didn’t stab Mumm-Ra with the Sword Of Omens and tell him to die during the Trial Of Evil; he locked him in his coffin and tossed it into his pool. (Like I said in an Art Soundoff, “defeat” doesn’t have to mean “dead”. Besides, technically Mumm-Ra is already dead. He’s a mummy after all.) They’re darker versions of previous Thundercat fights, which is odd when the interview with Gilmore says he wants this to be all-ages. We’ll be getting back to this interview when we get to the second miniseries. Believe me, I’m already planning the article.

The art is also bad here; everything is so exaggerated that the Thundercats are kind of scary, Lion-O being the worse of it, while Wilykit’s head is too big for her body. I was happy to read there would be numerous artists on the first miniseries (collectively know as “Reclaiming Thundera” although not the individual issues I own) since this just didn’t work for me. There are also a series of pin-ups, I’m assuming by artists who will work on “Reclaiming Thundera”, but the only one I like was by artist Peter Vale and colorist Carrie Strachan. The rest suffer similar exaggerated poses and moves. And this is from a guy who needs to stop making characters so stiff.

I suppose it works as a reintroduction and I expect to say that during the rest of this first mini because that’s what I remember from my original reading. However, I see no other reason to get it outside of Mumm-Ra’s cryptic notion that Wilykat’s “impetuous nature” may be to his advantage someday. And that’s hardly worth the $2.50 cover price much less what it would go for today.


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  1. Sean says:

    Will the next issues in the 2002/2003 run be better?


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