Yes, scare the reader out of buying you. Save that for the next miniseries!

Thundercats #1

WildStorm (October, 2002)

“Reclaiming Thundera” (the name of this miniseries collected in trade)

WRITER: Ford Lytle Gilmore

PENCILER: Ed McGuinness

INKER: Jason Martin

COLORIST: Chris Walker

LETTERERS: John Layman & Sergio Garcia


EDITOR: Jeff Mariotte

With New Thundera simply christened Thundera, the Thundercats await the return of their remaining kind. The Ancient Spirits Of Evil are worried their powers will wane so they create an eclipse and use Shadowmaster to wipe out the Thundercats with an army of shadow monsters. However, between the Thunderkitten’s flash bombs and the Eye Of Thundera our heroes use light to destroy the creatures and send Shadowmaster back to his prison. With no choice, the Ancient Spirits Of Evil bring back Mumm-Ra.

What they got right: Shadowmaster is a character you either had to be a fan of the show to remember or a good researcher to know of. And the plan is sound. It’s interesting to see the Ancient Spirits Of Evil taking a somewhat direct approach.

What they got wrong: Too bad that’s all they’ve got. The 90s started a bad habit (among many) of devoting more panel space to the art than the story (compared to the days where the dialog was too prominent), which means there is less space to work with, made worse by the reduction in pages around this time to save money. There really isn’t time to build Shadowmaster up as a threat. And after the Spirits made a fuss about not resurrecting Mumm-Ra, and the writer in the Sourcebook saying that he was going to refrain from using Mumm-Ra in favor of the other villains from the Thundercats’ past, they break out Mummy Boy out pretty fast.

Recommendation: I wouldn’t steer you away from getting it, but you aren’t getting much. It’s just Gilmore showing that he knows who Shadowmaster is to let you know he’s a fellow fan–which just makes the second miniseries hurt even more. And that’s par for the course with this miniseries. Maybe with better use of page space this could have been a bigger threat for the Thundercats but as it stands it’s just a shadow (no pun intended) of what it could have been.


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  1. Sean says:

    This is my first time hearing of Shadow Master. Was he on the first season (85-86) of Thundercats? Also, thank you for sharing the historical tiidbit on how the 90s and early 2000s was when less words began appearing in comic books. It’s difficult to develop a strong story if you only put so many words into it. The Thundercats comics from the 2000s that I’m most interested in getting back issues of are the Hammerhand’s Revenge series because the Berzerkers were some interesting villains, and I hear that Hachiman the Samurai is featured prominently in that comic series (he was one of my favorite Thundercats allies).


    • I don’t remember which season. You’d have to check the Thundercats fan wiki (because there’s a fan wiki for almost everything). As far as Hammerhead’s Revenge, you may want to wait until you see my review. As I recall it wasn’t bad necessarily but I had some problems with it.


      • Sean says:

        I did look on the Thundercats wiki site, and I now see that Shadow Master first appeared on Thundercats in 1989. I only watched the 1985/1986 Thundercats. Now I know why I’d never heard of Shadow Master until I read your review. Yes, I will wait to read your review before making a decision about Hammerhand’s Revenge. But honestly, I have not seen any of those back issue at either of the two comic stores I go to once in a while. This Saturday, I plan to finally read my He-Man/Thundercats issue 2 and then read your review and provide a thoughtful response. I’ll be staying inside on this upcoming Saturday, so it will be a good time to take care of that.


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