Earlier today we looked at MASK defeating a bloke who thought he was Guy Fawkes, one of the co-conspirators who tried and failed to blow up Parliament. What I haven’t discussed (or thought I had to) about MASK is that in addition to having vehicles that convert to “battle mode” they have masks that grant them special abilities or somehow create and fire things like stiletto darts, glue, or a big whip.

In today’s fight we have Matt Trakker, whose Spectrum mask usually did whatever the writers needed it to do (seriously, it was just shy of being his Sonic Screwdriver), and Calhoun Burns, whose Gulliver mask…we’re about to see in action.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Power Punch” round 3

The Battlefield: MASK #3 (DC Comics, February, 1986) “The Family Jewels”

The Promoters: Michael Fleischer (writer), Mike Chen (penciler), Joe Delbeato (inker), Shelley Eiber (colorist), and D.C. Weiss (letterer)

Matt leaves Thunderhawk in the hands of Inspector Carruthers of Scotland Yard while Calhoun leaves his Raven seaplane/sports car with Bruce Sato as the two MASK agents drop in on the Parliament building.

"And he has a 'kick me' sign".

“And he has a ‘kick me’ sign”.

VENOM is the type to shoot a guy in the back…when not under kids show restraints, so Calhoun fires up his Gulliver mask. Based on the name you can at least in part guess what it does. Sorry, “pretends” to do according to the boxes the toys come in.

This is why Calhoun wasn't allowed to play with other kids' action figures.

This is why Calhoun wasn’t allowed to play with other kids’ action figures.

That’s technically a punch, right? Matt was stopped from doing any more punching so I’m going with that.

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

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