Even at two weeks old I don’t like to spoil a Today’s Comic (even though I’ve only done one since I lost my job) but I can’t properly review it if I don’t, so consider this a spoiler warning.


Another characters jumbled together cover. Is it really that hard?

He-Man/Thundercats #2

DC Comics (January, 2017)

“When Thunder Strikes”

WRITERS: Rob David & Lloyd Goldfine

ARTIST: Freddie E. Williams II

COLORIST: Jeremy Colwell

LETTERER: Deron Bennett


EDITOR: Kristy Quinn

GROUP EDITOR: Jim Chadwick

He-Man and King Randor are attacked by the Mutants and Skeletor’s forces. Everything the villains try to subdue He-Man leads to them being punched into next Thursday. Meanwhile, Skeletor uses the still living remains of Mumm-Ra (everliving source of evil, remember) to create a potion that allows him to use the Power Sword to call on He-Man’s power, leaving Prince Adam a still stabbed mess. And then the Thundercats shows up in Snake Mountain.

What they got right: Cool fight between He-Man and the villains, and Randor even gets a shot in. Thundercats finally show up.

What they got wrong: Not that they’ve done much in the past two issues outside of remind you why their name is on the cover. But there is so much wrong this issue in particular. They try to tie Snake Mountain into the Ancient Spirits Of Evil by saying the snake was once one of them until it was destroyed, the mountain being the last remnant. Skeletor promised to free them from the pyramid, which I never thought they were imprisoned there, just using the statues as a conduit to talk to Mumm-Ra or something. Isn’t that what an idol is supposed to do, or do idols make even less sense to my Christian mind than I thought? The big WTF however is Skeletor turning Mumm-Ra into a potion that allows him to steal the He-Man powers! First, eww. Second, ewwwwwwwwwwww. Third, why wouldn’t this give him Mumm-Ra’s transformation instead of stealing He-Man’s powers? Skeletor makes some claim about always wanting that power but when did Skeletor learn this version of the Power Sword could even turn someone into “He-Man”? How does he know the incantation Adam uses? Why did He-Man turn into Adam or does Adora use some other power to become She-Ra?

None of this makes any dang sense and I think the power of Grayskull, as Grayskull is often shown to have some form of intelligence if not sentience (possibly on the level of the TARDIS), would not give Skeletor its power no matter how many transforming spirits of evil he consumes. One of these writers said “wouldn’t it be cool if Skeletor could become He-Man?” most likely because of DC’s recent obsession with villains over heroes but I can’t prove that, and stupidity reigned. Also the Thundercats have done nothing in this storyline. By now in both the good and crap crossovers with Battle Of The Planets they were part of the story by now. Oh, and we can’t tell until the last page, but Lion-O’s been going on and on in narration about proving he’s not a boy or some crap he should be over by now.

Recommendation: One stupid issue may not ruin the miniseries but it doesn’t bode well if in not even a third of the book makes fanrage on the whole thing. The problem is I’m not sure when I’m getting back to this miniseries. The friend who has been buying this for me (probably just to see my reactions on the site as well as being nice to a fellow 80s kid and friend) lives across state and if you’ve driven in a Connecticut winter you know not to when you don’t have to. I may get issue three if we can get together for Star Wars: Rogue One (one of my other friends usually pays because I’m the driver even when I had money coming in) but otherwise I may not return to this miniseries until April. You’ll have to judge for yourselves if you want to continue but I’m a bit more leery than I was after the first issue.


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  1. Sean says:

    I also liked the fight scene of Mutants/Skeletor’s baddies vs. He-Man. That was some intense action even showing concussions and impalements! Very graphic violence, definitely not something we saw on either the MOTU or Thundercats cartoons in the 80s. To mix together two creative properties, there’s going to be some reinterpretations on various aspects…especially to weld together “two different worlds”. What do you think should have been done instead (referring to the criticisms you had)? How would you have done it differently if you were the writer?

    Hey, at least, we know that Issue 3 will finally feature more of the Thundercats. I did enjoy seeing the Mutants team up with Skeletor’s henchmen (and 1 henchwoman) in Issue 2. If you, Tim, and I end up seeing the Star Wars movie in December or January, then you will get your Issue 3 in a timely manner. Here’s hoping that you find Issue 3 to be better than what Issue 2 was for you.

    Issue 3 is out on Wednesday, Dec. 21st. Let’s see what happens.


    • I would have given the Thundercats more to do and have Skeletor steal Mumm-Ra’s powers instead of He-Man. It would also be less violent and more action, but that’s my writing style, not a critique. Watching Jackelman achieve orbit was fun to see. 😀


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