Virtual reality isn’t just for young people in armor to fight monsters anymore. (Congratulations to those who get the reference.) While most people think VR is just for video games, there are those trying to use it for more practical purposes. And then you have the ones listed in the video below from The Richest.

We all knew porn would be on the list. As for the migraine simulator there’s actually a good reason for that.

There’s more to migraines than a really bad headache and the Migraine Experience was created for sufferers to show their loved one just what they go through so them realize how bad it is going through life with it. I think that’s a good thing. I also saw some people praising the VR Job Simulator, which doesn’t make sense to me so I decided to find a let’s play of it. A short one due to time.

Even with an entertaining host I lost interest in under 4 minutes. So yeah, not seeing it.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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