Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube

Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every year YouTube grabs its most popular web famous folks and does a music video highlighting the fun stuff of the year. (So no political stuff. I’ll probably avoid Facebook’s more event-driven version unless I’m that curious. I’m not sure if it’s out yet at writing time.) See if you recognize anyone because while even I couldn’t escape the weirdness of “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” I’m just too insular to even know who anybody else is, much less follow them. Although I thought I recognized Andre The Black Nerd but I didn’t get a good look. And of course I know who The Rock is, but he’s not just internet famous.

I was right. Andre The Black Nerd was one of the fighters. YouTube does have a page dedicated to this and previous Rewind stars if you want to attempt to figure out who any of these folks are. And no, I don’t expect to ever get into one of these videos. It’s not the kind of stuff I do. I show you stuff, like the behind-the scenes video.

And apparently MatPat from Game Theory and Film Theory was one of the other fighters. Otherwise…no clue. Then again, considering what I was doing this year it’s not a year I was paying attention much anyway.


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