Great, two things I hate are heroes fighting each other and heroes turning into villains. And the only fight I have for this week thanks to the theme has to have both. It’s short so let’s just get it over with.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Power Punch” round 4

The Battlefield: Zero Hour: Crisis In Time #1 (DC Comics; September, 1994)

The Promoters: Dan Jurgens (writer/artist), Jerry Ordway (finisher), Gregory Wright (colorist), and Gaspar (letterer)


Superman is ready to jump in and save the day. Because he’s Superman.


One-punching Superman: proof you are superpowerful.

And who was able to take the Man Of Steel down?

Funny, it's usually Hal in this position.

Funny, it’s usually Hal in this position.

I’d say Superman gets better but when we ended this issue time and space were destroyed. That’s Monday for you.

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Use the link above to head to and vote for your favorite Friday Night Fight! Winners of these 12 rounds head to the Prize Fight, so feel free to join in. We could use the competition. Winners and rules are posted on Tuesdays.


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