In 1973, an art student named Xavier Roberts rediscovered a German sewing technique that allowed him to create “fabric sculptures”. He used this to create a line of handmade dolls called Little People Originals. This would give way to the infamous Cabbage Patch Kids. I grew up when these plush dolls first came out…and was so popular, and I’m totally serious here, they actually needed armored cars to deliver the darn things. Even Tickle Me Elmo wasn’t as sought after as these little things.

I’m trying to find evidence of a full animated series, because tonight’s video points to one. The Cabbage Patch Kids First Christmas features the odd-looking children ducking a villain they seem to know well and finding a trio just like them (but more human) in their quest to find the Christmas Spirit. To be honest the special is kind of mediocre. It has a heartwarming moment, but it does feel like a prototype for Home Alone 2, only in Georgia instead of New York. (Georgia is actually where the dolls are produced, so nice nod.) It’s produced by Ruby/Spears back when they knew how to make good TV so at least it’s not bad. But it’s not like you needed to convince kids to buy these dolls. (I refer you back to the armored cars. The rioting parents all knew what their kids wanted and this was prototype to Black Friday. That’s not really a good thing.) So let’s see how the kids born from produce find a new friend a new home.

Warner Brothers bought out the Hanna-Barbera library, which includes old Ruby/Spears shows. So if you want this special, with The Little Troll Prince as a bonus, you can order it from Warner Archive. Who know how long this embedded video will be available so that could end up being the way to see it someday.


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  1. Sean says:

    How did you discover this video? It was neat to watch. I also didn’t know there was a Cabbage Patch Kids animated Christmas special. It was realistic in that the setting was Georgia, and some of these kids actually did have Southern accents. It was kind of eerie how the villains in the city resembled the villains in the countryside. The two male villains who were human really did look kind of like the weasel and rabbit evil ones. Over all, this was a nice Christmas special to watch. Good messages and sweet happenings. Very well done. Did you notice that one of the police officers was voiced by the narrator from Voltron?

    Watching the credits was a joy too because a voice over was talking about upcoming episodes of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, MacGyver, and Different Strokes. Talk about some classic 80s nostalgia! Those were all shows that I remember watching when I was an 80s kid.

    I never was into the Cabbage Patch kids. I do remember the craze over them though. The media attention was intense. Actually, the Garbage Pail Kids cards were more of my thing back in middle school. I wish I still had those….bet they’re worth lots of money now.


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