Alright (Darius Rucker song)

Alright (Darius Rucker song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A capella music hasn’t been mainstream since Bobby McFerrin (as much as we love Rocapella and Straight No Chaser they aren’t household names), at least until Pentatonix crashed the scene, and even had a Christmas special this year. So let’s add another amazing performance from the a capella group we looked at yesterday, Voctave. A group from Central Florida formed in 2015, Voctave already got to work with a celebrity, as we saw yesterday. They’ve even worked with Kirstin Maldonado, the female member of the aforementioned Pentatonix. And they’re amazing alone…well, as a group. Here’s their rendition of “Carol Of The Bells Of Notre Dame”, a mixing of “Carol Of The Bells” and “The Bells Of Notre Dame”.

Our second video features a country singer wondering what God would like for Christmas, sung by the singer in the picture above. Enjoy.

Our second offering is one I’ve been hearing on Music Choice today (well, yesterday for you), by Darius Rucker. While I’m sure God celebrates His son’s birthday differently from us, possibly the way we celebrate our own offspring’s birthday, it’s still a really good song and of course just added to the Yule Log.



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