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English: Santa Claus with a little girl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Dinosaur Dracula, a group of commercials that aired during the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special. (He even included the special, although I’ve posted it here to the Spotlight before.) How many of these did YOU ask for on Christmas?


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  1. Sean says:

    These commercials bring back some 80s memories. My brother had a Sectaur action figure. If I remember right, I think it also came with a mini-comic. In fact, unless my memory is faulty, I think that I had a Sectaurs “normal size” comic book. The Sectaurs were certainly an interesting concept.

    Despite the fact I was a big Robotech fan, I never got any of those Matchbox Robotech figures and robots/ships. I did have some imported Macross models. It was fun putting together those glue models. Plus, I did collect all three versions of Robotech comics from Comico. And those Matchbox toys were advertised frequently in those comic issues, however, my allowance (from doing chores around my family’s home) only stretched so far. So I never did get any of those Matchbox Robotech toys. I probably did ask for them for Christmas, but never got them.

    Same thing….despite being a huge Voltron fan, I never got any of the Panosh Place toys of it. The only Voltron I ever had was the Matchbox one of the vehicles one. Never had the chance to get the Lions one (which was my favorite). But now as an adult, I have a tiny 1980s Voltron Lions watch standing on my computer desk looking down at me right now as I write these words. I purchased that for ten dollars in the summer of 2015 at a retro toys store in Everett, Washington. So it only took me 30 years to get a Lions Voltron! lol!

    The Animal truck commercial….that played constantly in 85 and 86. I haven’t heard that song in over 30 years, and I also remember that parrot. Now that I’ve seen the ad again, the song is stuck in my head again just like it was when I was in middle school!

    A Russian cabbage patch doll during the last days of the Cold War….wonder what such a commercial would look like in the 2010s age of Putin….

    I never knew there was a Thundercats race track! That looks pretty cool. In fact, this is the first time I ever remember seeing such a commercial. Now that would have been a cool toy to play.

    These commercials bring back Christmas memories from the 80s. Like the Christmas of 1983, when I got an Atari 2600 video game system. The Chrismas of 1984 when my family finally got a color television which led to my discovery that Voltron’s King Zarkon was blue, not green (no wonder why you guys thought I was crazy when I used to say before that that Zarkon was the “green guy”). Also, the Christmas of 1984 was when I got the Ewok village. That’s a very warm memory right there. Yes…unlike the guy from the Retroblasting videos…I actually was a huge Ewoks fan…one of the many reasons why Return of the Jedi was my favorite Star Wars movie. Christmas 1985 was when I got my first Thundercats action figures: Slythe and Monkian. Christmas 1986 was when I got the Battletech role playing game.

    Christmas 1986 was also my cat Rascal’s first Christmas. That would also be the first of many Christmases where he would knock down our artificial Christmas tree at least once during each Christmas season. He also every year picked a different ornament to attack and destroy. It’s too bad that he passed away only a few days before Christmas 2007. Rascal missed out on one more ornament to annihilate. The joys of having a cat at Christmas!

    So thank you for playing these commercials. It certainly brought back some 80s Christmas nostalgia memories.

    What are some of your memories from 1980s Christmases?


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