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This WAS going to be the actual movie. Paramount has a YouTube page that had some of their acquired movies, including stuff from Canon, for free with advertisements. However, they’ve moved it to YouTube’s seldom-promoted rental section. It’s not that I have a problem paying $2.99 for the rental, although I’d rather get the whole movie (partly so I can do a proper review) and I still have no income, but that I obviously can’t embed it here. At least I don’t think I can, but I’m not making you pay to see it here. Here’s the link if you want to watch it though, since I support the official release when it exists. I’m sure it’s out at least on DVD as well.

So consider this the consolation prize. One of my fellow Reviewers Unknown refugees and friend, Suzie McGinney…sorry, Suzie Beyor now since she was recently married, did a review in years past of Masters Of The Universe, the 1987 live-action adaptation of the toy and cartoon. It should still push a few nostalgia buttons for you, so at least I can bring you something. There’s some swearing near the end though.

You know, I kind of enjoy this movie as well. Sure none of the costumes or Castle Grayskull match the original (Skeletor’s is probably the closest), but it’s a fun little number. Fun fact: in the old He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe magazine there was a contest where the winner would get to have a walk-on role in the movie. Darned if the kid shows up because I’ve never seen him. It would suck if his scene got cut.

As for that final battle, there’s actually a reason why it was filmed so badly. Canon has actually halted filming due to being overbudget…AND THIS WAS THE ONLY SCENE LEFT TO SHOOT! No wonder this company went under. So the director, actors/stuntmen, and a small crew actually snuck onto the set and filmed the final scene of the movie. Also, the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Cyborg was originally going to be a sequel to this movie, with Skeletor having pretty much wasted Earth. So I’m glad we missed that one.

Suzie also brought up He-Man lacking both his Prince Adam identity and Earth heritage (Marlena being an Earth astronaut who crashed on Eternia). I wonder if this was based on the early minicomics where there was no secret identity (it was added by DC Comics for some reason, as readers may recall, and Filmation just made it better when they decided to keep it). An early draft would also give Beast Man a speaking role, Evil-Lyn an attraction to Skeletor (which she actually had to Keldor, the pre-bone face, in the re-imagined series), and would have featured Snake Mountain as well. Brian Cronin of Comics Legends Revealed also noted that Jack Kirby’s work was an influence on this movie, which is kind of dumb considering Kirby never worked on this property. (He did create a similar blond muscle man with a magic sword, Thundarr The Barbarian, though.)

At the very least it’s worth a look, with talk popping up now and then about a new live-action movie, despite any evidence of it that I’ve seen. It’s off in many places but a fun little curiosity. My thanks again to Suzie Beyor, the Blockbuster Chick, for allowing me to post this. It is available on Amazon and holy crap there’s actually a blu-ray version.

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  1. Sean says:

    This review gave a good summary of what the Masters of the Universe film is like. Now, I know that the little troll’s name is Gwildor. He actually seems like a decent character for the MOTU franchise. Now I understand why he was shown in issue 3 of the He-Man/Thundercats comic book. Gwildor is an essential part of the MOTU history. It’s interesting how Courtney Cox was in this movie. Plus, I like how the film featured the MOTU characters going to 1980s America. Yes, there were laughable moments such as Beast Man’s pony tail and Teela, Man at Arms, and Gwildor stealing fried chicken from the couple who was making out “at Inspiration Point”. But overall, it seems like the movie has some decent action and a clever story line to follow. This is a movie that I would have enjoyed seeing in the movie theater back when I was a kid in 1987. Now as an adult, I know that at some point, I want to see the whole movie, but I am very happy with having seen this movie review summary. It does make me want to get the movie’s comic book adaptation if I ever happen to come across it in a comic book store’s back issue section.

    That bald headed police officer was an actor who appeared in numerous television shows and movies back in the 70s and 80s. Also, I still say that Dolph Lundgren was a good pick to portray He-Man as was Frank Langella for Skeletor. I still think that Evil Lynn should have been portrayed by an actress of Asian descent. Both the cartoon and toy versions of her looked Asian. Additionally, I wonder what it would have looked like if other characters (Trap Jaw, Mer Man, Moss Man, Man E Faces, etc.) were also included in this movie.

    I do like the ending where Courtney Cox’s character is able to save her parents. To me, that was a nice touch. Incorporating time travel into MOTU is a cool concept.

    Did you ever see The Last Starfighter movie from 1984? When I was at the comic store on Wednesday picking up Issue 4 of He-Man/Thundercats, the owner pointed out he had some bins of back issues he was selling for a dollar each. I stumbled across Marvel Comics’ three issue adaptation of the Last Starfighter movie. Packed all three in a comic bag, it was a super deal at 3 dollars for 3 comic books from the 80s! Once I read those three issues, then I’ll have to see if I can watch the movie on youtube or something. I also picked up for 4 dollars a comic book bag packed with the four issues of the Starriors mini-series created by Marvel in 1984. So who knows….maybe I will stumble across the comic book adaptation of the MOTU movie because I have unexpectedly found some real treasures in that shop in my town.


    • I think I have Last Starfighter on DVD around here somewhere. You know first hand how messy this studio is. 😦


      • Sean says:

        That’s totally awesome! Some time when I visit your studio, maybe you can have a DVD showing of it. I’ll make sure to read the Last Starfighter comics before seeing it. Definitely, thank you so much for posting the review clip on the MOTU movie. I’m posting early this morning because I ended up having an unexpected snow day from work.


  2. […] as the credits. If it doesn’t work my old Reviewers Unknown colleague the Blockbuster Chick did a review of the movie before she retired, so check that out. Between this and YouTube getting rid of the current upload […]


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