Sadly, we don’t get Panthor versus Panthro. Probably to avoid confusion and typos.

He-Man/Thundercats #3

DC Comics (February, 2017)

“Swords And Sorrows”

WRITERS: Rob David & Lloyd Goldfine

ARTIST: Freddie E. Williams II

COLORIST: Jeremy Colwell

LETTERER: Deron Bennett


EDITOR: Kristy Quinn

GROUP EDITOR: Jim Chadwick

The Thundercats attack Skeletor, who now has the powers of He-Man and Mumm-Ra in addition to their own. At best the Thundercats hold their own, until Skeletor just blurts out that he has Mumm-Ra’s powers (which he had been dropping hints of through most of the fight, so he’s bad at keeping secrets). Lion-O knows Mumm-Ra’s one weakness, the evil of his own reflection, which he uses on Skeletor. As the merged villains flee, Lion-O reclaims the Sword Of Power and returns it to Prince Adam…only to be in time for Adam’s funeral! As the Sorceress (as Zoar) watches on, the Ancient Spirits Of Evil, now under the combined control of the still merged Mumm-Ra and Skeletor, attacks the royal palace.

What they got right: Good on the writers for mentioning Jaga, indicating that he told Lion-O about Skeletor and the Power Sword. The fight between the Thundercats and the triple-powered Skeletor was really cool, whatever I think of Skeletor obtaining the power of He-Man…which he thankfully loses when Mumm-Ra and Skeletor start fighting for control, switching between bodies Ranma-style. Even Snarf gets to be awesome. There’s also a nice moment as Randor talks to Lion-O about following in a father’s footsteps. Randor’s really getting a good mourning moment here.

What they got wrong: Yes, we know (or at least I hope) they’re not killing Adam off and somehow the power of Grayskull will bring him back to life, but I still don’t like the idea of dead Adam, no matter how well the moment is done, which I’ll admit it is well done.

Recommendation: I will also admit that this issue makes up for the problems I had last issue. It’s back on the tentative recommendation list.

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  1. Sean says:

    Issue 3 was an enjoyable read. I also was glad to see that Snarf ended up being a good fighter towards the end of the issue. In the beginning of it, I thought he was just going to be depicted as the weak kitty kat that is often his stereotyped label. I think I saw that little troll like guy from the Masters of the Universe film in this issue towards the end where people are mourning Adam/He-Man’s death. Also, this issue leaves me wondering what has happened to one of Lion-O’s eyes from the battle with Skeletor. Is it permanently damaged? Guess I’ll have to read Issue 4 to find out. Oh…and that last page really leaves us in suspense for the next issue!

    You’re right….it would have been neat to see Panthro fighting Panthor! Or would they have become friends because they’re fellow panthers? Alas, we’ll never know……


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