“You take the ugly one.”

Masters Of The Universe Dream Halloween 2003

CrossGen/MV Creations (October, 2003)


ARTIST: Enza Fontana

COLOR ASSIST: Shaynne Corbett

LETTERER: Robert Kirkman

EDITORS: Ian Richter & Geoff Walker

“The Power Of Fear”

ADDITIONAL ARTIST: Emliliano Santalucia

ADDITIONAL COLORISTS: Kevin Senft & John Rouch

ADDITIONAL EDITORS: Monica Lopez & Vicki Jaeger


ADDITIONAL EDITORS: Heather Schneider & Jeremy Padawer

The main story has Skeletor transporting Scare Glow from another world, promising only to return him home if he defeats the Masters. Meanwhile, Adam, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Orko, and Cringer are testing out a new vehicle, the Attak Trak. Scare Glow arrives, and even He-Man is caught in Scare Glow’s power, the ability to make other see their deepest fears (which doesn’t work on Skeletor). However, Orko is too far away and uses his own magic to help He-Man break the spell and save his friends. Defeated, Scare Glow is denied being sent back home by Skeletor until he proves himself useful. But Scare Glow isn’t giving up paying Skeletor back.

What they got right: Bringing Scare Glow and the Attak Trak into this continuity is a nice addition for fans of the classic line and series. Scare Glow makes for a good threat for a Halloween special one-shot. And the fears He-Man, Teela, and Man-At-Arms suffer at Scare Glow’s hands make sense for their characters.

What they got wrong: Too bad the Attak Trak is only a nod to the classic fans since, while it’s a cool re-design (to fit the re-imagined aesthetics), it doesn’t factor into the story at all other than our heroes are out here. Also, this takes place after the last miniseries, since He-Man has his anti-Snake Men armor, but Evil-Lyn is still hanging out in Snake Mountain. That’s a continuity error because I doubt she’d be here and breathing if Skeletor was nearby.

The back-up story is a series of splash pages, as He-Man talks about hope. It’s a nice little piece but not much else.

Recommendation: A good story, with a good villain, and a few extras for the classic fans. Worth picking up.


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  1. Sean says:

    I’ve seen this particular back issue at two different comic book stores. Based on what you wrote in your review, I now realize that the next time I see this issue at one of those establishments that I should purchase it. Thanks once again for writing solid reviews that help consumers decide whether to purchase a particular back issue.


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