“Cheap model train set!”

Transformers Evolutions: Hearts Of Steel #4


IDW Publishing (September, 2004)

WRITER: Chuck Dixon


INKER: Aaron Leach


LETTERER: Robbie Robbins

EDITORS: Chris Ryall & Dan Taylor

The Decepticons are unstoppable as far as the Calvary can handle. John Henry and the Autobots meet up with Tobias’ group and after comparing notes race to stop Astrotrain from getting to New York and Edison’s new power plant. The Decepticons try to collapse the tunnel, stranding Tobias’ team, but the Autobots are able to shoot down the Decepticon dirigible (aka Scourge), while Bumblebee and John Henry switches tracks, causing the Decepticons to fall down a ravine. With the threat gone the Autobots return to their slumber until the threat of the Decepticons rises again.

What they got right: I like how John Henry, famous for racing a machine, actually beats these machines without dying this time. Tobias and Kitty get together. And I think Bonaventure gets what he deserves for betraying humanity.

What they got wrong: Guys, I don’t think that would be enough to stop the Decepticons. Why not stay and make sure they’re gone, and continue an alternate timeline. It’s not like there were any more stories in this continuity even if the Evolutions series had continued (this was just the first storyline) so why not have an alternate timeline where Earth and Cybertron formed an alliance early? (Or in the case of the IDW G1verse, have one where they form an alliance where the humans weren’t trying to screw over the Autobots.) It’s not like every historical fiction like this needs to end continuing history as normal. Also, Scourge isn’t so much the blimp as the gondola attached to it, which is a rather weak way to get a flying Decepticon at a time where that was the only flying vehicle. And what purpose did Mark Twain bring to the story? He didn’t really do much that couldn’t have been done by anybody else. Is Dixon just that big a fan?

Recommendation: The ending is a bit weaker than I would have liked but it’s still a decent story, and I’d recommend getting it for the concept alone. It’s too bad IDW never continued this idea.

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  1. Sean says:

    Transformers and historical fiction seem to go well together.


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