NiGHTS Into Dreams #1

(based on the SEGA Saturn game)

Archie Comics (February, 1998)

“A Hundred Years In The Waking”

WRITER: Dan Slott

PENCILERS: Patrick Spaziante (breakdowns) & Manny Galan (finishes)

INKER: Harvey Mercadoocasio

COLORIST: Karl Bollers

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

EDITOR: J. Freddy Gabrie

MANAGING EDITOR: Victor Gorelick

A hundred years ago Wiseman, the Lord Of All Nightmares, manipulated a metal smith into creating a tower that would allow him entry into the waking world. He also needed the dream energies of two perfect dreamers. However, one of them convinced one of Wiseman’s henchmen, NiGHTS, that he was a good guy deep down, so he stole the dream orb and hid them in the waking world, the smith thinking they looked liked two seeds as they planted into the ground. This was the origin of the town of Twin Seeds. In modern times, the cosmic event that would allow Wiseman to conquer the world is happening again. Two Nightopians named Snuze and Napp, creators of good dreams who befriended NiGHTS, sneak into the waking world to find the new perfect dreamers. Snuze finds one of them, a boy named Elliot Edwards, whose dream of being a basketball star is threatened by a bully from an opposing school named Roger. The other dreamer, Claris Sinclair, is finding her dream of becoming a singer difficult as she deals with stage fright. Snuze comes across Elliot and escorts his sleeping mind to Nightopia to release NiGHTS, trapped as an idea in Ideya Palace until a perfect dreamer can merge with him. Wiseman sees this and sends his forces to destroy the merged NiGHTS and Chris, until Claris’s nightmare calls NiGHTS to merge with her, leaving Elliot and Snuze on their own until Elliot wakes up, thanks to Snuze setting the alarm. Back in Nightopia Wisemen leads Roger to NiGHT’s opposite, Reala, who was also punished for failing to stop NiGHTS.

What they got right: I’ve never played the video game so I don’t know what comes from the game and what was Slott’s idea. But the story is pretty good. The concept of Nightopia and why NiGHTS needs to fuse with the perfect dreamers, as well as enough lore to follow the story is present. The art is trying to replicate 3-D art in a 2-D drawing and it works well enough. And since it’s Claris’s nightmare it is no surprise that she’s attacked by a manifestation of her pushy singing instructor.

What they got wrong: This is a three-issue miniseries so it looks like Slott is having to shove too much of the game into this one comic. NiGHTS is convinced way too quickly to switch sides. “Help us!” “But I’m evil.” “No, I see good in your eyes.” “Okay, I switch sides now.” It doesn’t make for good character development.

Recommendation: Like I said, I’ve never played the game, or even watched a story-based let’s play of it, so I can’t judge the as an adaptation. Conceptually it’s good enough to recommend but I hope the story slows down long enough to give the characters proper development.

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