Heracles with club, lion skin and golden apple...

Heracles with club, lion skin and golden apples. The statue was found neatly buried under tiles with the inscription “FCS” (“fulgor conditum summanium”), indicating that it was struck by lightning then buried on the spot. Gilt bronze, Roman artwork of the 2nd century CE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was there ever a faithful adaptation of Hercules? 1958’s The Labours Of Hercules, known simply as Hercules in the US, practically spawned a genre of bad Hercules movies, including one with a dubbed over Arnold Schwarzenegger running around New York. Steve Reeves became an international star thanks to this movie’s adaptation to English. Maybe it was something in 1958? Nowadays it’s a cheesy joke. The proof is tonight’s showing is the Mystery Science Theater 3000 riffing of the movie, complete with annotations by Shout Factor. (Turn off annotations if you don’t want to see them.) Although if you’d rather see it in non-riff form, here’s a link here. I think. I wasn’t going to watch this a second time. Whichever way you decide to watch it, enjoy, won’t you?

This particular take on the demigod of Greek myth spawned a direct sequel, 1959’s Hercules Unchained. This was Reeves last portrayal of the character and the only actual sequel I know of. It has also gotten the MST3K treatment and is in public domain. MST3k will soon return with a new prisoner on the Satellite Of Love, a new Mad, but the same old robots. It will be a Netflix exclusive so if you have it, enjoy it. I just hope Shout Factory will still be able to release them on home video like they do the classic series. Has any Netflix show gotten a home video release?

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