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Uncanny Origins #2

Marcel Comics (October, 1996)

Quicksilver: “The Son Of Magneto”

WRITER: Glenn Herdling

PENCILER: Dave Hoover

INKER: Bill Anderson

COLORIST: Bob Sharen

LETTERER: Jack Morelli

EDITOR: Mark Gruenwald

The history of Pietro (and for the most part Wanda) Maximoff. When cops trying to arrest Erik Magnus after he’s framed, he’s stopped from rescuing his daughter from a fire. Enraged, he used his powers to kill the officers in revenge, sending his secretly pregnant wife Magda running from him in fear. Ending up in Wundagore (not the one from Spider-Man Unlimited but the original comics idea), her twins are birthed with the help of the cow woman (she’s actually an anthropomorphic cow, but I don’t know if Beastial is a show name or comic name) Bova, servant and first created of the High Evolutionary. Magda leaves, fearing Erik (aka Magneto) will kill her and steal the children. The High Evolutionary places the children with the Rom family (often called gypsies, although being adopted by a spaceknight was fellow blogger Siskoid’s dream) the Maximoffs. Life was good for Pietro and Wanda until the awakening of their mutant powers and anti-gypsy sentiments forced them on the run. Approached by both Professor X and Magneto, it’s the man they don’t know is their father that convinced them to join his side, giving them the names Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

What they got right: All of the important beats feel like their here. The unanswered questions from Cyclops’ origins have no counterpart here. We get the important events that led Pietro and Wanda to and from their adoptive parents and join Magneto’s group, although Quicksilver’s story does go on from there.

What they got wrong: However, there’s the unnecessary nod to the original origin. Stan Lee had intended that they be the children of World War II superheroes Whizzer and Miss America, but another writer retconned the Magneto origin because he liked that better and the hell with what his creator wanted (a prevailing thought in comics that, as much as I love certain superheroes, would not want to write for them since some who didn’t like it would make my run worthless). There was no need to address that and neither Whizzer or Miss America are named beyond their first names and a throwaway line about “losing two heroes” after she dies with a stillborn birth. Also, since Scarlet Witch is such a part of this story why not make it about both of their origins?

Other notes: And it doesn’t matter anyway. Thanks to the Marvel Studios wanting to use Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the Avengers movies (since they were Avengers at one point), their origins were retconned AGAIN to remove the mutant element since Fox still has a stranglehold on the mutant license (which they make only slightly better use of than they do the Fantastic Four) so that they are no longer Magneto’s kids and thus not mutants. I don’t know what the origin is and I don’t really care anymore since Marvel has pretty much ruined Scarlet Witch and I never really cared about Quicksilver outside of X-Men: Evolution.

Recommendation: Thanks to the aforementioned retcon the info in here is pretty much outdated and worthless so it may not be worth picking up at this point.

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