“Guys, the barn’s broadside is over here.”

Green Arrow #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“Cast Upon The Waters”

WRITER: Kelley Puckett


INKER: Gerry Fernandez

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: John Costanza


EDITOR: Scott Peterson

Recent events in which Green Arrow has killed people (I’m assuming bad people) has broken him. He returns to the monastery he retreated to in the past, forsaking his hero identity. There he makes friends with a Green Arrow fan named Connor, who wants to become a better archer but in a style that stresses a spiritual connection to his bow. However, when the NSA decides Oliver is a threat and hires mercenaries to kill him, Connor comes to Oliver’s aid. Oliver leaves to protect the monastery and find out who employed the mercenaries and Connor tags along, hoping to learn from his hero.

What they got right: Writers seem to enjoy putting Oliver at his lowest, but this is a good character piece, delving into Oliver trying to find himself after losing his fortune and going on a killing spree. This is also the introduction of Connor Hawke, who will become Green Arrow before later writers totally screw with his character to get Oliver back as the one true Green Arrow.

What they got wrong: I’m sorry but the government chasing superheroes is not something I’m interested in. It’s a personal gripe I grant you, but nothing about the story, outside of Connor somehow finding Ollie’s old peace symbol medallion, was anything to be critical about. This is also around the time another government branch sent Major Force to kill the current Green Lantern, and it’s not what I want in a DC comic, lest you think my problems with DC started with the current editorial team.

Recommendation: Good ideas and artwork, plus introducing a good character later ruined, makes it worth taking a look at. It works better than some other Zero Hour aftermath comics I’ve reviewed thus far.

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  1. Sean says:

    I have a question. What is the purpose for having an issue zero?


    • Usually…I don’t know. A few 90s series wanted to start on 0 instead of 1. In this case it came off of the Zero Hour event and usually was more interested in establishing the new status quo, the minor changes caused by the restart of the universe.


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