Except for the wizard.

Except for the wizard.

I’m sure he’s also a skilled martial artist. He has his friend to do the tech part. This strip gave me the opening to play with a few Clip Studio Paint (I wish they kept it Manga Studio) tools, even combining some for the glowing space rock. I’m glad it went down well. Shading is still one of those things I need to work on, though.

This is where I usually link to this week’s Clutter Report project, but if you recall from last week I was doing a Mega-Project organizing my comic, and it took most of the week between my recovery and just being a lot of comics. So here’s the complete run-down as I had multiple posts during the week:

  1. The Start: I broke out the table and put the loose comics into order, as well as the graphic novels.
  2. The stickers: I talked about how I use stickers and bookmarks to keep track of what I’ve reviewed among those comics I’m keeping. I was also deciding if I wanted to add the comic from the magazine racks. Decided to add them, which would give me a place to put them all later.
  3. The Rack: Added the rest from the rack, and discussed the “holes” in my order because comics are all over the place.
  4. The S titles: The letter S is big as far as titles of comics. I needed a whole day just to put them in order. But I got further than I thought with the letters before it.
  5. The magazines: In the final day of the project I put the comics back into the magazine rack…but it required making a future project more difficult.

But I’m going to take a breather with other projects before the next phase of the comic organizing project. Speaking of comics, this week we start the next Thundercats miniseries, Dogs Of War. It’s not very good, but doesn’t push my fanrage buttons. Not sure which is worse. We’ll also look at the last issue of IDW’s take on MASK I own, but so far all I can say is “it’s good but lacks the nostalgia I’m looking for, especially since the covers are covered with nostalgia”. The Marvel multiversal reviews (the comics not set in the main Marvel universe) goes into Marvel Adventures, alleging to be in an animated style, but not set in any of the cartoons and frankly just looks like regular 90s style artwork. I mean Uncanny Origins, the comic that’s set in the main Marvel universe, has more cartoon style to it than the one claiming to be in a cartoon style.

I’m going to have quite a few distractions this week so I may not have the best main articles but I’ll give you the most interesting I can. If I can ditch this cough I’ll try for that V-log, although I’m not sure what I’m going to talk about. I want to save something for the Art Soundoff Challenge in November. We’ll see what happens.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    On Saturday, AMC channel is showing “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” from 7 to 9 PM. I’m sure you’ve already seen it. I haven’t, so I plan on watching it this Saturday night as I’ve heard that this is considered the best Star Trek movie. Just wanted to let you know it’s playing, in case you decide that you want to view it again.


  2. Sean says:

    Oh yeah….almost forgot….I really like the coloring in your above comic strip. The glowing effect is breath taking.


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