You probably noticed there’s no Jake & Leon this week. I didn’t get a chance to work on the comic because ever since my outing on Thursday I’ve been tired and lethargic, plus I’ve been stiff all day. So while I have an idea what to do for the next strip (it’s still part of the “Webcomic” storyline but it’s not the part I want to do next) I didn’t get it done. It’s not exactly the most popular feature but I need the art practice.

But I do have an update. I upped the daily comic review to two in order to get through the old comic reviews faster, especially when I still had new comics coming in. The goal is to go through my comics and see what comics I want to keep and what to expel from my oversized collection. However, I’m noticing that, especially with other things I want to work on, the clutter of comics is creating a clutter of time as far as getting things done. I want to get the first BW Panelling from ConnectiCon 2016 (of which there are only three) done, I have other projects I need to work on, and I’m still tired a lot. Hopefully as the weather gets warmer and I can get to walking again I can boost my stamina but long car drives like Thursday’s takes a lot out of me.

So what I’m thinking of doing is taking away the second “Yesterday’s” Comic, at least until I can fit it back into my schedule, and still have time for other art and video projects. Or at least until I’m awake enough. It would be a slow departure. This week Masters Of The Universe and NiGHTS Into Dreams will be ending while Oh! My Goddess should end next week and Beast Wars is already done. I won’t be replacing those for the time being. Once I get them down I’ll be readjusting my posting schedule. For example the times will be a little different because I’ll have three posts (one comic, the Morning Article Link, and the longer reviews and commentaries) instead of four. The Marvel Adventures will be on Sundays until it ends, while the DC Adventures titles will take the Saturday spot, which means nothing from my comiXology bank for the time being. I’m hoping this is temporary because I do want to move through my comics quickly but until I can keep my eyes open that long I feel it’s best. But to be sure this is okay with you guys (since you may enjoy the daily comic reviews enough to keep them) there are two ways to keep that going. One is by checking it in the poll below and the other is becoming a $1 (at least) contributor to the Patreon. (Link’s in the sidebar at the top of the page.) That tells me it’s an important enough feature to keep going. What say you.

This time next week (with a new Jake & Leon I should have the answer. In the meantime there’s only one Transformers comic review this week, and this week’s Clutter Report (thanks to the aforementioned being really tired) was just a re-post of the last Free Comic Inside article on Transformers Armada vol. 3. Otherwise, business as usual for a while.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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