“Our first mission: to find the ‘of’ in our title.”

And yes, still a better logo than the current DC logo.

Justice League America #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

WRITER: Gerard Jones

PENCILER: Chuck Wojtkiewicz

INKER: Bob Dvorak

COLORIST: Gene D’Angelo

LETTERER: Clem Robins


EDITOR: Brian Augustyn

Why join Wonder Woman’s new Justice League, headquartered on the Overmaster’s escape pod? Wonder Woman wanted the heroes to have a place to be with others who understand what it’s like to be heroes. Wally West, the Flash, is also having trouble connecting to his “normal” friends. Metamorpho…looks like Metamorpho. Crimson Fox is looking for her sister’s murderer. Fire may be looking to hook up with Nuklon, who’s trying to prove himself and help Obsidian, who is even more down on himself that I am. Hawkman has nowhere to go since he’s now some odd fusion of past Hawkmen. (Long story that I don’t even know half of.) Blue Beetle is here because he’s actually some kind of shapeshifter pretending to be Blue Beetle in order to connect the ship’s computer to the internet for some reason. Our band of heroes manage to defeat him but disintegrating makes it hard to find out what it was after. That’s just a new question that this new Justice League Of America will have to uncover.

What they got right: By focusing on a smaller roster you have the opportunity for more character development. And having Wonder Woman, Flash, and some version of Hawkman on the team works for the roster while the new blood offers something different. I also like the bit about having to use paper signs because they don’t fully understand the technology and Obsidian accidentally opening the wrong door that contains some alien monster for some reason.

What they got wrong: Why is there a random space monster on an escape pod? What’s a Justice League Of America without Superman? And is Fire really here just to pick up men? That’s kind of lame. She joins the others in saying she wants to find a place she belongs (outside of her supermodel career) since her friend Ice died (aww, I liked her, even if she was attracted to Guy Gardner of all people) but outside of the fight she just checks out Nuklon a lot.

Recommendation: A decent start. Hopefully it got better since it had at least two other Justice Leagues at the time to compete with (Europe and Task Force). Worth a look.

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