Because I’m me, note how the only one not standing heroically is the girl with a new boyfriend the writer created for just that purpose.

Thundercats: Dogs Of War #5


WildStorm (December, 2003)

“Dog Gone”


PENCILERS: Brett Booth & Joe Prado

INKERS: Al Vey, Eric Nguyen, Chuck Gibson, & Richard Friend

COLORS: WildStorm FX


EDITOR: Alex Sinclair

Mumm-Ra and the Thunderkittens sneak onto the Doberliner with the original plan, only Mumm-Ra disguises himself as Doberlord and he and the kids go to rescue the other Thundercats and Mutants. Then they go to rescue Lion-O and the cubs brings him the Sword Of Omens. Lion-O, Mumm-Ra. and the redemption-seeking Wilykat go off to confront Doberlord while the others bring Komodomar to his people so they can revolt against the War Dogs. During the fight the queen is killed when Wilykat shoves her between Lion-O and Doberlord’s blast, and Lion-O defeats him. Lion-O wants to put him on trial, but Mumm-Ra just kills him. The other War Dogs are defeated by the Lizarians (or possibly torn to shreds, but that’s defeated in my book). The Lizarians agree to bring the Mutants back to Plun-Darr before going to attempt to undo the damage caused by their enslavement to the War Dogs, and Mumm-Ra reveals that he reversed the Waters Of Life (from an early episode of the TV show to create the spell that was aging Lion-O but realized he actually enjoyed their little skirmishes and gives him the regular Waters so he can stay young and fighting him for a long time to come.

What they got right: Yeah, I see Mumm-Ra forgiving Ma-Mutt since he’s everliving and all. The comic has a satisfactory end…or as good as this mess could hope to provide…and the art on the last few pages is quite good. Lion-O and Wilykat even have time to visit a barber.

What they got wrong:

They actually did this. I had to put the book down on page three just to process the stupidity!

Really, John Layman? A “Who Let The Dogs Out” reference? Weren’t the other dog puns bad enough? Bobcat kind of asks out Wilykit IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT! Layman created this guy just to give MY childhood Thundercrush a boyfriend for no real good reason. Also, blaming Lion-O’s condition on the spell that messed with the Book Of Omens would have been fine. Instead the Waters idea is brought up just to use the Waters idea, when that wasn’t needed to bring that into this. Just have Mumm-Ra summon them from Third Earth, or even have some brought with the Berbils who were transplanted here just to be killed off. And you had to do the torment Snarf gag why?

Recommendation: If you’re a dog lover, avoid this comic. If you’re a good story lover, avoid this comic. If you can’t stand lame puns, avoid this comic. Jeff Foxworthy couldn’t come up with enough additions to this list, so just avoid this miniseries altogether.


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  1. Sean says:

    Who let the cats out? Meow. Meow. Meow. Who let the cats out? Meow. Meow. Meow. Who let the cats out?


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