This is why Keiichi eats so much calamari. Revenge!

Oh My Goddess!: Adventures Of The Mini-Goddesses

Dark Horse Comics (May, 2000), originally published by Kodansha, LTD

English edition by Studio Proteus

WRITER/ARTIST: Kosuke Fujishima

TRANSLATION: Dana Lewis & Toren Smith

TOUCH-UP ART/LETTERERS: Susie Lee & PC Orz with Tom Orzechowski & L. Lois Buhalis




The Adventures Of Mini-Urd (In The Handy Petite Size) was, I’m assuming, a comic strip that aired in the original manga version of Oh My Goddess!. Like the strips I mentioned in the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing manga these were silly comic strips meant for laughs to have a little fun. The strip follows a “super-deformed” mini-Urd and her adventures in the kitchen of the temple Keiichi and the Goddesses all live in. She makes friends with the rats (who can talk now because why not), and have other adventures, sometimes connected to the main story. (For example there’s a strip taking part during the “Miss Keiichi” storyline I finished reviewing before I got sick.)

One thing I like about the strips is that you don’t necessarily need to follow the regular comic (although it helps) to get the gist of “this is a little bitty goddess who has misadventures in the house they live in”. Even the stories based on the main comic (like “Miss Keiichi” or a time they fought ninjas) aren’t needed, although there is one character that I don’t know because she only appeared in a story I don’t have. And there’s nothing in here that would require any die-hard knowledge of manga or anime either. While the Gundam Wing comics also feature a lot of a different series, Mobile Fighter G-Gundam, and could use some knowledge of the characters to follow, this is very stand alone. It’s possible that a reference went over my head, but the jokes rarely do.

One problem I do have is trying to figure out if this is some mini-copy of Urd or Urd shrinking down for no apparent reason. Sometimes Skuld, Belldandy, and Keiichi show up at full size, sometimes small size (one set of strips involves mini-Urd shrinking Keiichi down so she’ll have someone to play with), and it’s hard to tell how this is all supposed to be working. It’s my only complain though.

Fans of the regular comic should consider picking this up even though it’s not necessary (as far as I know) to understand the series. On the other hand, fans of silly comic strip collections can pick this up with no connection to the regular comics although it does help. It’s a fun set of strips about “superdeformed” miniature goddesses and that’s sure to interest someone, even if they aren’t aware of the regular Oh My Goddess! series and might even convince someone to check it out.


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