25th & final issue, and this is the cover you went out on. Weak!

The Batman And Robin Adventures #25


DC Comics (December, 1997)

“Demon In The Sky”

WRITER: Ty Templeton

PENCILER: Bo Hampton

INKERS: Rich Burchett & Terry Beatty

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Scott Peterson

On the way home from an overseas case Batman is attacked by a UFO that happens to have been stolen from aliens by Ra’s Al Ghul. He wanted to snag Batman to keep him from messing with his plans to melt the polar ice caps and wipe out the industrial revolution. Batman manages to get away, but Bruce is visited by two odd men who give them both the co-ordinates to Ra’s base and a crystal that can control the UFO. Batman doesn’t believe any of this but Robin takes the crystal along…which proves to be able to control the alien ship. After fighting off Ra’s men, Batman uses the crystal to send the ship into space and self-destruct. Ra’s escapes, but since they’re near Area 51 Batman is pretty sure his men will be snagged by the military.

What they got right: It’s admittedly fun to see Batman find all this to be nonsense, since it does sound like it came from a tabloid, only for it all to be true. It’s kind of silly but also pretty neat. This includes the bumbling Men In Black who try (and fail) to be subtle about helping out in finding the UFO while staying out of things.

What they got wrong: The timing however is a bit off. Batman doesn’t just not believe this because it sounds tabloidy but he doesn’t seem to believe in alien spacecraft. You know, despite having teamed with SUPERMAN in his last 25th issue of this continuity. But even if that story is now out of continuity (not that it’s stopped the Adventures titles before mind you) Superman existing is in continuity, and we’ve seen him deal with aliens in public, including our last comic story from the DCAU. “No DCAU back then” you say? The comic is getting redubbed The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years, bridging the gap between the Fox Kids and Kids WB shows to explain why Dick left the Robin role and Gotham and later came back as Nightwing, which is in-canon with the show right down to The New Batman/Superman Adventures adapting it for Dick’s official story. Not believing in aliens just seems odd at this point in the series. Also, this is the last issue and the 25th issue. There is no fanfare. The cover is stuck with that stupid “face cover” gimmick month and all you get is a story. The Batman Adventures at least had a set of pin-ups and more issues to go. All we get here is a longer issue.

Recommendation: If the “got wrong” seems long it’s only because I had more to explain than the “got right” section. This is a fun Batman and Robin story that’s worth reading if you have the chance.


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