In hindsight, taking this group photo on Burrito Tuesday was a bad idea.

Yeah, I’m not convinced considering the big two’s history, but according to Newsarama, the next crossover event from DC, Dark Nights: Metal is just a six-issue self-contained miniseries that you don’t need to know prior DC continuity to enjoy. Hopefully they’ll at least remember not to mess with continuity, which has been this new universe’s problem since it was The New 52, with Rebirth trying to set things right. I also wonder about the name. Scott Snyder, known for his work on the Bat-titles, says it’s a Justice League tale, but the title sounds more like Batman, and the teaser image with Batman having been beaten all to heck. It also claims to not be lacking in the fun elements, which isn’t DC lately either. Maybe it will work. We’ll have to see. I’m still burned out on Eventitis.


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