Even though Marvel in recent years has tried to distance their fictional group Hydra from the Nazis, their ties are still strong in fans minds. When Marvel created a campaign for their Secret Empire event by encouraging stores to “come under control” of Hydra, there was a backlash, and fans still hate where this storyline has gone. And for someone like me who isn’t really following the events all I know is a Cosmic Cube turns into a little girl and Red Skull uses her to make Steve Rogers always a Hydra member except he wasn’t except he was…it’s confusing as heck, ticking off fans and I can see why a number of comic stores have refused to take part.

ICv2 is reporting that one store has actually fought back against the promotional campaign with a symbol of their own, preferring to “join” and recruit a movement to oppose Hydra’s reign of the Marvel Universe (or at least Earth), including creating a symbol of their own. It’s not that this is a bad story, but it is the wrong story for Steve Rogers, and whatever the conclusion this is going to taint the character for years to come. Tony Stark is STILL getting flack from the first Civil War and he’s dead now. (He’ll get better. It’s comics and Robert Downey Junior hasn’t stepped down from the role.)



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