You have an army of giant monsters that you’re sicking on the UN building. You’re only opposition are four humans…who happen to be victims of cosmic radiation that gave them superhuman powers, including superstrength, projecting force fields, shooting fire, and stretching to ridiculous lengths. What do you do?

Unless you have Godzilla on your side…lose.

“Boom” round 10

The Battlefield: Marvel Adventures #9 (Marvel; December, 1997) “Invasion”

The Promoters: Ralph Macchio (writer), Andy Kuhn (penciler), Harry Candelario (inker), Kevin Tinsley (colorist), and Michael Higgins (letterer)

So let’s meet our monsters.

I feel sorry for traffic reporters in New York.

Not exactly in Godzilla’s class, but that won’t stop the Fantastic Four!

“Wait, Ben, you forgot to switch over steering control…oh goooooooooddddddd!”

And this story has something we don’t see enough of…Sue Richards being awesome with her force fields. It’s like she finally learned it has offensive potential as well as defensive.

Do NOT mess with Stormin’ Sue Richards!

The boys are going to have to up their game on this one.

“Hey, that’s my favorite spine!”

It takes two male FF members to match one Sue Richards.

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