“Ugh! Do something about that breath, Mole Man!”

Marvel Adventures #9

Marvel Comics (December, 1997)

Fantastic Four: “Invasion”

WRITER: Ralph Macchio


INKER: Harry Candelario

COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley

LETTERER: Michael Higgins

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

Despite the protests of his beloved, the Mole Man (possibly blinded by his hatred of what people did to him before he became rules of Monster Isle and Subterranea) believes he needs to conquer the surface world as a proper wedding present to his bride-to-be Kala. Kala is Netherworlder, an offshoot of the Atlantians who moved to the underground. With his monster army, Mole Man attacks the surface world, with only the Fantastic Four able to fight the monsters off. (The military tried but you know how that goes with giant monsters.) Meanwhile, the Thing is sent by Reed to Monster Isle to destroy the vibration device Mole Man is threatening the world with, and Kala helps him since she hates war, and because Netherworlders can’t live on the surface anyway. With that last bit of information Mole Man cancels his attack, because he’d rather lose the world than Kala.

What they got right: Sometimes love really does conquer all. To see Mole Man put his love above his revenge was nice to see. As was watching the Fantastic Four fighting off giant monsters. Even Sue gets to actually use her powers to kick monster butt, and it’s rare writers actually use Sue’s force field powers to their full extent without turning her evil. The art was also better than it has been with this series.

What they got wrong: If Kala has mentioned the whole “we rapidly age on the surface” thing, she could have avoided this whole war. She made have a few pride issues of her own to work out.

Recommendation: It took eight issues for this anthology to actually start getting good. Give this issue a shot.


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