“Hey, they’re ALL red wires!”

Superman Adventures #15

DC Comics (January, 1998)

“Maximum Effort!”

WRITER: Mark Evanier

PENCILER: Rick Burchett

INKER: Terry Austin

COLORIST: Rick Taylor

LETTERER: Lois Buhalis


EDITOR: Mike McAvennie

Bibbo is having a hard convincing his drinking buddies (I’m sure it’s root beer…this is a kids comic) that he’s friends with Superman, not helped when he exaggerates a bank robbery he claims to foil but one of the others saw and contradict. However, Bibbo sees one of the robbers, except he’s not really a robber. Lex is pulling an insurance scheme because things he has insurance on are being destroyed. As Clark investigates the motive, Bibbo finds the fake robbers and warns Superman, and together they stop the crooks, both stopping Lex’s scheme and proving that he’s pals with “Sooperman”.

What they got right: This was just a fun story. There are neat comedic character moments (like Clark pretending he can’t open a jar) that work. Bibbo’s a fun character but he doesn’t get to stand out often on the show so centering the story around him shows the strength of the tie-in comic to spotlight a character who might not get one as we follow Superman’s latest crusade.

What they got wrong: Bomb or no bomb, doesn’t torching a museum make robbing it hard to believe? And did Lex give security there the night off?

Recommendation: If you don’t mind a sillier but good Superman story, and if you like Bibbo Bibbowski, this is a comic worth getting.


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