Superman #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“Peer Pressure” part 2: “Awards”


INKER: Brett Breeding

COLORIST: Glenn Whitmore

LETTERER: John Costanza



EDITOR: Mike Carlin

Clark continues to reminisce about his old high school pal Kenny Braverman, and how Kenny always seem to come in second. They were still friends, even as his father praised Clark and scolded Kenny for always being second. However, when Kenny asks Lana to the prom she turns him down, wanting to go with Clark even though he hadn’t asked her. They become king and queen of the prom, with leads Kenny ending his friendship with Clark and plotting his revenge. In the present day, Conduit tries to kill Clark but thanks to Superman, it fails, which is not sitting well with Conduit…because he’s Kenny Braverman!

What they got right: Like I said last week, having a supervillain targeting Clark instead of Superman is a different change of pace. And Conduit is quite the villain, disintegrating a guard just to hide the fact that he was there, but killing his own men before they can spill the beans. If it wasn’t for his powers Clark would be in trouble.

What they got wrong: When Kenny starts to ask Lana out they’re in the stadium with Lana getting ready for her event. When Kenny finally asks, after discussing being second to Clark and his father’s disappointment (because he’s a jerk) however they’re on a street corner but still in their track gear. Did they leave the arena with Lana about to have her event, and why did Clark follow them out there?

Recommendation: I’m still liking this story and I’m looking forward to the next part, although it continues after the #0 issues and I didn’t pick those up. It’s worth checking out.


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