Mage: The Hero Defined, cover by Matt Wagner.

Mage: The Hero Defined, cover by Matt Wagner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mage series by Matt Wagner takes a long time to come out. I remember when A Hero Discovered was promoted in Comico comics I was getting in the 1980s. It wasn’t until 1997 that the second series, The Hero Defined, came out and with a different publisher because Comico was either gone or different. Now with Comico gone for good and in 2017, fans of the series (for the record I’ve never read it) will get to see the final chapter with The Hero Denied as Kevin Matchstick, reincarnation of King Arthur, goes on his final adventure. Like I said, I never read it but I know he has his fans out there and you might be interested.


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  1. Sean says:

    You’re right….Comico did end in 1997! I always thought that company closed down in late 1989 because it was in 89 that I stopped noticing Comico comics. It could be because the final issues of Robotech and Johnny Quest came out in 1988, so after that I was no longer buying any Comico comics. But as I think about the early 90s, I just don’t remember seeing Comico titles on the rack at my then local comic shop. Your posting made me curious….I said 97…no way! But when I looked on Wikipedia, I saw that Comico ended in 1997 with its last published issue being the Elementals Sex special. Hmmmmm…..maybe that title alone gives us an indication of why the once great Comico finally collapsed.

    Back to Mage….just like you, I often saw the advertisements for Mage while reading my Robotech, Johnny Quest, and Star Blazers comics. It looked interesting, but I just never bought any issues of it. It is good to see that the Mage concept still survives. Over 30 years in existence…..he’s the same age as the Incredible Hulk comic book in the 90s. There were lots of Mage fans, so they’ll be quite pleased to see the 2017 edition of this reincanated King Arthur (boy, it sure seems like King Arthur and/or Merlin the Magician appear in some way in lots of comics. This old Cornish legend has certainly survived the centuries!).

    If you want to do a really interesting back issue review, try to track down copies of the Elementals Sex special! That would be one unique review.


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