Wonder Woman #189 (August 1970): By this era, ...

Wonder Woman #189 (August 1970): By this era, Wonder Woman had more in common with Emma Peel than superheroes. Cover art by Mike Sekowsky & Dick Giordano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So World War II becomes World War I to keep Wonder Woman from coming of as a ripoff of Captain America to those moviegoers who don’t know comics? Maybe dropping the New 52 sword and shield would have helped?

Surprisingly this isn’t the first time Marvel messed with poor Diana. The infamous “mod” period of Wonder Woman was also in response to Marvel. You know, the “mod years” where the feminist icon was changed to a woman who gives up her powers for a man (who is later killed off anyway), starts a fashion boutique because she’s obsessed with fashion, dates a bunch of different guys, and teams with an old man who teaches her to be Mrs. Peel from that other Avengers all to appeal to the modern woman. Not surprisingly this was an epic among epic fails.

As part of paying homage to a new movie sensation and totally not just to bring in views by discussing the new big name that happens to be part of their wheelhouse (like I’m one to talk), Scott from NerdSync released a video discussing this terrible mistakes made to Wonder Woman at probably the dumbest time they could have, and how Marvel comics was partly to blame. Also Seduction Of The Innocent, which I swear is a coincidence.

If you want to follow the rest of NerdSync’s look at Diana, head for their YouTube channel and subscribe. And stay around after that because it’s really informative information about comics even if you aren’t a fan of comics directly.


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  1. Sean says:

    This was an interesting overview of Wonder Woman’s mod era. DC meant well in trying to make her into a modern 70s woman, but it backfired on them. It’s good to see that after 26 issues of this mod stuff, the true Wonder Woman returned. She already was a powerful woman who could be respected by advocates of the Womens Rights Movement. The changes to “mod woman” weren’t needed. I find it interesting how Diana was depicted as dating 7 different men during those 26 issues. How was this interpreted by the readers of that time period? Even today, American society tends to look unfavorably upon a woman who “dates a lot” (meaning having had a large number of boyfriends and/or lovers). The 21st century term is “thot”. So what were peoples’ takes on Diana doing this in the early 1970s?

    At least by the time we were watching Superfriends cartoon or the Wonder Woman live action television show as kids in the late 70s, we got to see the true Wonder Woman in action on the television screen. I knew nothing about the mod Wonder Woman until today!


  2. […] known as the Wonder Woman "Mod Years", this period of time ultimately proved to be unpopular among fans and did not last very long. […]


  3. […] known as the Wonder Woman “Mod Years“, this period of time ultimately proved to be unpopular among fans and did not last very […]


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