Some time ago I brought you a video from Geoff Thew over at Mother’s Basement about a series of anime created by a Japanese cult, and how crazy, historically inaccurate, and downright silly (and possibly blasphemous) it was. Well that was part one. Last night I had trouble sleeping so rather than ramble about a topic my brain can only partly process it’s time to bring you part two. I hope he gets part three out so I can show you that in the future.

Again, I’m not mentioning the cult by name since he does it in the video and text is easier to search for, but the last one had weird views on history, a leader whose wife was as amazingly awesome as he was until they divorced and she became “the evil”, time travel, noted scientists as deities, and this one is going to be more of the same. So rather than do that rambling I’m trying to avoid let me give you the usual swear warning on top of the insanity warning and let the professional #$%#bag take over. Note this starts with Helen Keller joining the ranks of deity, so I guess I had one more warning for those who find that offensive. Because it is…and it’s not the most offensive thing you’ll see.

Sooooooooooo….that exists. And he has enough for a part three in the future. This should scare you.


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