It came from a rainbow in his fingertips. (How’s that for an obscure reference?)

Action Comics #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“The Yesterday Man”

WRITER: David Michelinie

ARTISTS: Jackson Guice & Denis Rodier

COLORIST: Glenn Whitmore

LETTERER: Bill Oakley



EDITOR: Mike Carlin

Superman manages to shake off Conduit’s attack and makes sure Lois is okay. But Conduit is not done with Clark Kent. He has his agents from Pipeline (a group Kenny founded after a falling out with the CIA) find the right tunnels to interfere with the re-dedication of the Daily Planet and launch another attack. Superman is able to sneak away and confront Conduit. The battle takes them to the park where Superman’s tomb was, and Superman manages to beat Conduit, who swears revenge on Superman, meaning now Kenny wants to kill both of his identities. But there’s a mystery in the broken-open former tomb of Superman…namely Superman’s body!

What they got right: Conduit still makes for a good foe and I could have seen Pipeline as another threat in the DC Universe for superheroes. Yes, one of the problems with the New 52 was all the shadow organizations targeting superbeings but this is something that’s evolved over time, and Pipeline is closer to Kenny trying to outdo the CIA. He just has a grievance against Clark and later Superman that he misuses his organization for. And Conduit’s story isn’t over.

What they got wrong: Unfortunately neither is the body in Superman’s tomb. This will also become a storyline and while it may have turned out to be good it’s one I don’t care about. There’s also another “old days” encounter between Clark and Kenny that just seems to be there because Michelinie didn’t want to feel left out. It’s a pointless encounter when the more interesting flashback is Kenny’s leaving the CIA to form Pipeline. Luckily we got that.

Recommendation: Overall a good storyline, although having it take place over four different Superman titles speaks to one of the problems comics in the 90s had. Still worth picking up these four issues.



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