The bane of weather forecasters everywhere.

Uncanny Origins #9

Marvel Comics (May, 1997)

Storm: “The Song Of Storm”

WRITER: Jim Alexander

ARTIST: Mark Campos

COLORIST: Bob Sharen

LETTERER: Jack Morelli

EDITOR: Joe Andreani

There is a song that Ororo Munroe’s mother, a Kenyan princess, used to sing to her. It is a song that drove her to escape the remains of a plane crashing into the building she was staying in after her parents were killed. It is a song that drove her to find sanctuary with a street thief. A song that drew her to a meeting with both the future Professor X and the future Black Panther. A song that led her to a remote part of Africa where she became a goddess and learned to control her mutant powers. And a song that soon brought her to the ranks of the X-Men, where she adopted a new name–Storm!

What they got right: I like how the song links Ororo’s journey across the various phases of her destiny. The art serves the story well enough. And some years after this telling came out Storm would become Black Panther’s wife…at least until the big two started their anti-marriage kick and they broke up.

What they got wrong: The “psychic attack” that stops Charles from introducing himself to Ororo is never explained, even as a quick caption. I know this isn’t the origin of Professor X, but at least mention he was stopped by a future enemy. Which happens to be the Shadow King, trying to control the thieves in Cairo.

Recommendation: A good origin that’s worth checking out, although again I don’t know what retcons has been made to her origin since.


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