Batman (TV series)

Batman (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With Adam West’s passing everyone was talking about the original Batman television series. However, most of the ones I saw were all personal accounts and were basically similar, so at some point I just stopped watching them. These were people who either hated the show and later found a new respect for it, or were always fans. I always enjoyed the show and most of the incarnations of Batman since. (Not all, but even someone like me with more open tastes has their preferences.

NerdSync however didn’t just talk about how they personally felt about the show. Scott instead looked at the history of the show, from why it was created to how it was received at the time, and the legacy it left behind. And because I can’t seem to escape him until this darn book is done, Fredric Wertham gets brought up as well. It’s like he’s fighting me, which is odd given his stance on comics, but nevermind. I actually learned a few things I didn’t know about the creation of the show, and hopefully you will too.

Adam West and Burt Ward were going to appear at a Connecticut convention, Terrificon, in August, billed as their final Connecticut appearance. Instead they will have a tribute to West and Ward will still appear. I’m sorry I lost the chance to meet them, although I can’t afford to go anyway. While I’m one of those who thinks the Fox Kids series was the best Batman series, the 1966 show is among my favorite shows, and thanks to the videos finally being released plus stations still carrying the original new fans can be exposed to this version and it may find new people and old who prefer the Bright Knight.

West and Ward would play Batman and Robin again in Filmation’s The New Adventures Of Batman, West would take over as Batman on the final two seasons of Super Friends/Super Powers Team, and I would love to see Return Of The Caped Crusaders, the direct to video animated movie that was in the 60s style. And it inspires new takes like Batman: The Brave & The Bold. Like it or not, Batman ’66 will be part of our culture for a long time to come. I do wish reporters would stop using the “BAM! KAZOWIE” nonsense every time they talk about comics and comic conventions, but otherwise you can’t make me hate this show.


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