I see the live-action theatrical status symbol is rearing its ugly head yet again. I don’t understand this insistence that every cartoon has to have a live-action version made of it. Peabody & Sherman from what I hear was good and that was animated. But ICv2 reports that they’re shopping around a live-action television series based on The Jetsons. Why?


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  1. Sean says:

    I think that a live action Jetsons television show could be kind of fun. Plus, the fact that a producer from Family Guy is involved, it could be quite funny (but hopefully not as crude as Family Guy can sometimes be). Now that Warner Brothers is owner of all the Hanna Barbera shows and characters, I see some potential cool things happening in the future. One thing I already know is that DC’s Future Quest comics will definitely return as Future Quest Presents where for about every three issues, a different HB creative property will be solely focused on for those issues. For instance, maybe issues #1-3 will be only about the Herculoids while issues #4-6 will focus on Space Ghost. Other cool Warner Brothers possibilities include live action movies for Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, and Galtar and the Golden Lance! Or a series of live action Pirates of Dark Water movies!!! Johnny Depp and his crew got nothing on Ren, Ioz, Tula, and that monkey bird! Besides, I’d love to see what actress would be cast as Tula!

    Just like Marvel and DC going full on in the live action movies department, I will be pleased to see what happens with HB properties on live action television and movies in the future. (yes, that first Scooby Doo movie that I saw in 2002 stunk but I still have high hopes for other HB properties).


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