Declaration-of-independence-broadside-cropped (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every year BW Media Spotlight takes the Fourth Of July to showcase a reading of the Declaration Of Independence, to remind my readers that Independence Day isn’t just some lame but enjoyable movie with space aliens blowing up the White House. This is the day when the United States Of America decided to throw off the yoke of a tyrannical king so removed from the needs of the 12 colonies that Great Britain might as well be a foreign power. This is where the line was drawn and a long war would follow for America to gain the right to govern itself by the will of the people rather than unelected officials. (Although some would claim we just gave the power to elected officials who don’t always serve our will or best interest but that’s another discussion.)

This year’s reading comes from the History Channel series Sons Of Liberty and is read by Jason O’Mara playing George Washington, the general who led the US through the War Of Independence. I like this one because you can read along and you get to see some nice visuals related to what happened…and what was to come. Since my nighttime posts are right now taken over by a special review series, I present this bonus posting hoping everyone gets to see it. Happy Independence Day to Americans and I hope the rest of you get to have a happy July 4th as well.



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