I don’t know how much this is stretching things but I need something other than Fredrick Wertham to talk about, so we’re going swimming. Actually, I can’t swim, but I do like going into the water and letting it flow around me. A Jacuzzi is better but a pool or the lake works when you can’t afford such things. Of course they also don’t have missiles coming out of them, which can just ruin your whole day. Especially if you’re the ones in the path of it.

I’m sure even Wertham doesn’t mind violence against missiles.

“Dog Days” round 4″

The Battlefield: Adventures In The DC Universe #12 (DC Comics; March, 1998) “Cypher Rules!”

The Promoters: Steve Vance (writer), John Delaney (penciler), Ron Boyd (inker), Tom McCraw (colorist), & Tim Harkins (letterer)

For reasons that will be explained in tomorrow’s review, Aquaman is racing towards a submarine that is about to launch its missiles.

And yes, in the story they’re all being there is a plot point.

With Batman coordinating from I think the Batcave, Wonder Woman joins the boys in chasing the missiles.

“And I didn’t get anything for the baby shower.”

Luckily the others come to help Green Lantern.

Where is it headed, Cloud City?

Good think Kyle has a plan.

And there went our Wertham support. For being a comic mostly.

Just a nice quiet day swimming.

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