The poll is in…with two results as I write this. I’m not sure why I have such a problem with audience participation but what can I do? No, really, what can I do?

But while this isn’t Wertham related it is tangentially connected to comics, so it’s not a total withdrawal. Longtime BW readers know that I love a good intro. A good intro sells the show to curious people coming across the new episode but not familiar to the series. It also draws you into the world that the show is creating, especially important the further from the real world you get. I have an article series dedicated to the best and worst intros I know. That’s why it disappointed me to learn that Netflix had a “skip intro” option now.

My fellow former Reviewers Unknown colleague Chris “Rowdy C” Moore was surprised to see Netflix asking him if he wanted to skip the intro for Animaniacs, which he thought was silly. One of the responders to his Facebook posting suggested it was a response to users who thought the intro to Marvel’s Iron Fist was too long and complained to Netflix about it. So of course I had to check this out. With modern TV shows (or streaming shows like Netflix originals) putting out a lot of weak intros lately could they have a point? Well….

At the very least it isn’t very interesting. Like that Daredevil intro they seem to want to focus on being visually interesting and not much else, like they’re trying to create an art piece instead of an intro. It is an improvement, just barely escaping the “not-so-favorite” list because I’m more neutral than anything else. It’s a nice effect but from what I’ve heard about this interpretation (and how weak it is as an adaptation, being the first “fail” of the Netflix wing of the MCU) it doesn’t really tie in very well. Even the music is trying to invoke a feeling the show may not be giving.

Someone on YouTube posted a sped-up version trying to dodge the copywrite bots. It doesn’t help the problems but it may help with the length.

Still a few seconds too long to shove in the writer’s credit (which is usually in the episode itself, but maybe the whole series has one writer…who doesn’t understand Danny Rand) but it is an improvement. It’s just as visually stunning but invokes a more action style to the martial arts. I know the technique may be closer to the normal speed but for an intro to a martial arts show this is a big improvement.

But is it too long? Like Daredevil it feels that way because it’s too slow. The faster version might have been better, while Daredevil needs a lot more work. I can’t speak for Luke Cage or Jessica Jones, but if these two are any indication the people behind these shows do not know how to make good intros.

But Animaniacs? That’s a GOOD intro.


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  1. […] about when I say it lacks the Star Trek feel. It is a nice intro, certainly better than most of the Netflix MCU offerings, but still feels more like that then a Star Trek intro. It’s trying to have pretty artsy […]


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