Teletubbie babies: the question none of us want answered.

I’m not sure if I’m just hearing about this or if Nick Jr. has been airing the show for a while, but I was hoping this was gone. And so was Max.

Over at The Clutter Reports this week I finally reviewed by birthday present: Bumblebee (shocking none of you) from the Transformers Alternity line in Japan.

Well, fellow seduced innocents, we’ve reached the chapter in Seduction Of The Innocent I’m sure a number of you have been waiting for. Not just because the topic is sexual depictions in comics, but because this is the chapter that caused the huge shakeup in the pages of Batman and Detective Comics, where the Dynamic Duo are accused of being gay. We’ve seen time and again Dr. Wertham slam Superman and Wonder Woman (along with circumstantial evidence that he has actually read neither) but this book is famous for attacking Batman and Robin. Prepare….to be disappointed. Seriously, I could do this big marketing build-up and get you all excited only to be disappointed in your fanrage, but while yes he does follow the 1950s view on homosexuality, the actual commentary that supposedly led to Alfred’s death and the creation of Batwoman and Bat-Girl as love interests for Batman & Robin…it’s basically one paragraph according to my skimming of the chapter. Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be plenty of facepalming, but I’m preparing you to be underwhelmed at one of the big things this book is known for. That’s how much I respect MY readers.

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  1. Sean says:

    There must be some valid reasons why some people like the Teletubbies.


    • The show is designed to entertain preschoolers. There’s your answer. It’s not the worst thing on TV but I stand by Max’s commentary in the last comic about Teletubbies, if only jokingly.


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