I’ve always told people the Teletubbies were evil!

Sure the show is long since gone and people may not remember the controversy (someone who write for Oral Roberts’ newsletter wrote a piece about Teletubbies promoting homosexuality because a male character had what looked like a purse–yeah, I don’t get it, either), but it’s a joke that’s been in my head for years and now I had a comic to use it in. Plus I needed a comic for this week. (Well, two weeks ago, but a snow storm and fallen trees knocked out power for days around here.)

I got to play some more with my Pentel pocket brush pen, which was cool, and some visual effects thanks to Paint Shop Pro. I imported a picture tube called “fireworks” from my old PSP into the new one, and played with the twirl filter to make it look like the sparkle things that came from the pinwheel on the show. Yes, I put myself through the intro to make this comic. You can’t say I don’t suffer for my craft.

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