“I was right. I did leave a cake in the oven.”

Manhunter #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“Here Comes The Night”

WRITER: Steven Grant

ARTIST: Vincent Giarrano

(both co-created this version of Manhunter)

COLORIST: Adrienne Roy

LETTERER: Clem Robins


EDITOR: Archie Goodwin

A bunch of gangbangers were checking out a dead guy with a big hole in his chest when they notice a woman running off and give chase. Suddenly the guy on the cover appears to chase them off but before they can throw down a creature known as the Wild Huntsman shows up. The man’s name is Chase Lawler and he knows the girl, Brenna, but now he must protect her from the Huntsman, a monster who lives only to hunt and kill. Even the gang members come to Brenna’s defense, but due to whatever rules control him the Huntsman leaves and now Chase, the Manhunter, must get Brenna to a hospital before her overdose becomes fatal.

Not know what’s going on? This one of the Zero Hour Aftermath comics that serves as a teaser to a new series or variation of a classic concept, like Fate a couple of weeks ago. However, I’m pretty sure this Manhunter has no ties to any previous or future namesake, although the harness does look similar to a Manhunter from the 1980s. However, and I may be wrong about this, it feels more like a Spawn knockoff, just without the ridiculously long cape and a harness in it’s place. Even the mask has similarities, but this is a comic that is clearly at least inspired as much by Spawn as he is the 90s. And Spawn was never my kind of comic. Apparently there was a superhero from DC’s past called Wild Huntsman, but this is a supernatural evil that, to continue the allegory theory, is closer to Violator or what ever that demonic clown’s name was.

The art is pretty good and there is the hint of an interesting lore if you’re into this kind of story. But this is another one I don’t have a lot of interest in. DC was really trying to build up their mystical/occultic side in the 1990s, possibly as a result of the success of Spawn and some indie comics of the time but it’s not a side that really interests me.


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