This story doesn’t take place in the summer, but here’s my stretch. Here in Connecticut smaller towns have free outdoor concerts in the Summer and this story happened during a concert and involved the manager. That’s what I’m going with.

“Dog Days” round 6

The Battlefield: Adventures In The DC Universe #13 (DC Comics; April, 1998) “Sometime In New York City”

The Promoters: Steve Vance (writer), John DeLaney (penciler), Ron Boyd (inker), Gene D’Angelo (colorist), and Tim Harkins (letterer)

For reasons to be explained in tomorrow’s comic review, Impulse is in New York checking out a band from his current town who named themselves after him, and now he’s involved with a mystery about an attempt on their manager’s life. A man who wants to be their new manager stops by, but after running into him Impulse didn’t feel any kind of gun on him. That’s because they got the wrong target.

Practicing for the annual Manchester Bullet Catching Contest.

However, Impulse wasn’t the only superhero around. The band hired private investigator John Jones to look into their manager, not knowing that Martian Manhunter came with the deal.

“Come on, man, we didn’t even steal this car.”

Remember, kids, buckle up during a drive-by shooting.

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