DC’s going to run out of names for Billy’s alter ego at this rate.

The reason given for not fighting Marvel Comics for the name Captain Marvel is that everyone allegedly believes he’s called Shazam now because DC hasn’t had his name on comics and merchandise. I think that’s hogwash. It’s like thinking Donkey Kong is the name of the carpenter. Meanwhile, Shazam hasn’t gotten out of kids TV and the comics, while a music identifying app called Shazam is popular enough that Fox created the game show Beat Shazam. So will non-comic fans think they named him for the app?

It was dusting day over at the Clutter Reports this week. Also some random thoughts from this clutter-clearing project.

Speaking of the haters of Billy Batson fans, we’re getting into Marvel’s “Flashback” month, for those of you who didn’t mind DC being stuck with Zero Hour Aftermath issues. I didn’t get all of the Flashback issues, though. “Flashback Month” has a series of -1 issues (so numbers are going to be confusing on Monday and Tuesday for a while) and focused on some pre-hero story of the Marvel superheroes. We’ll be starting with a little history on Bruce Banner before he became the Incredible Hulk. Yes, it does come off as a #0 ripoff around 3 years later, doesn’t it?

We’re near the halfway mark over at Seduction Of The Innocent, and Dr. Wertham is going after comic book advertisements. I wish I had a chance to contact Brian Snell over at Slay Monstrobot Of The Deep. My fellow Friday Night Fighter has done plenty of articles on comic book ads. I’m not sure how easy this will be to judge, but we’ll see what happens. Back to it!

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