We’ve heard so much lately about inner city kids doing bad things. So for this week’s fight let’s see a kid positively inspired by a superhero to stop bad guys. And since we’re under the summer theme we have kids playing, an important part of summer.

Of course some kids play rough and since the DCAU version of Tim Drake grew up on the streets of Gotham instead of a wealthy family he doesn’t exactly play nice. And he found himself a Batarang after Dick Grayson’s last fight as Robin. What’s he been doing with it all this time?

“Dog Days” round 7

The Battlefield: The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years #4 (DC Comics; April, 1998) “As The Twig Is Bent”

The Promoters: Hilary Bader (writer), Bo Hampton (penciler), Terry Beatty (inker) Lee Loughridge (colorist), and Tim Harkins (letterer)

In this reality Tim Drake is the son of a crook working for Two-Face. However, he wants to be better, like Batman and Robin. But one doesn’t need a costume to be a hero.

Not even a thank you. Some crime victims have no manners.

Here’s someone who grew up around crime and decided to fight it, to be a better person, and hoped his dad would as well. We’ll see how that turns out in tomorrow’s comic review.

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