Quick, Nightwing, fold the page down before they trip on it!

Adventures In The DC Universe #14

DC Comics (May, 1998)

Superboy & The Flash: “Not Always To The Swift…”

Nightwing: “Bats”

WRITER: Steve Vance

PENCILER: John Delaney

INKERS: Ron Boyd (both stories) & Ray Kryssing


LETTERER: Tim Harkins

EDITORS: Frank Berrios & KC Carlson transitioning to Dana Kurtin (assistant editor) and Kevin Dooley (editor), the new editing team

In the main story Wally and Linda go to Hawaii for their vacation but she convinces him to go by plane. Since Wally’s identity as The Flash is publicly known in this continuity (I don’t think that’s true for current continuity) the press immediately assume it’s a secret mission and wonders if he thinks it’s too much for Superboy, currently headquartering in Hawaii, to handle. Naturally, this version of Superboy takes it personally partially because he came here to get out of Superman’s shadow and partly because Wally has had more success as the Flash than Superboy has had since he can never grow up and used to have a reporter girlfriend (I’m guessing him and Tana were split up at this point in main continuity). Ever the hothead, Superboy challenges Wally to a race, hoping to do what Superman couldn’t, forcing Wally to accept by ruining his vacation. During the race Superboy has to stop an extinct volcano from erupting while Flash saves people on the mountain. This calms Superboy down and the two heroes decide to obscure the end of the race so nobody knows who truly won.

By the way, I did a quick check. Apparently there is a skiing season on Mauna Kea, the dormant mountain they were on that is apparently a real volcano, and they do attempt to explain why it almost erupted. It’s a fun story. Linda tells off one of the reporters whose rumor-mongering started all this. Flash constantly shows up Superboy but when they become friends work together so he’s not embarrassed in front of the public. It’s a good story.

In Nightwing’s back-up story Batman asks Nightwing to investigate rumors of a masked crimefighter using more violent methods. It turns out to be a man in a cheap Batman costume that used to be a Gotham City cop, fired for being too rough and chasing down the criminals who spoke up at his trial. I’m not sure what continuity this is supposed to be. Nightwing where’s his DCAU costume, but with a larger symbol (that makes it look pretty cool actually) and in the captions talks like this is his first trip to Bludhaven, which I think is where Dick was working at the time. Meanwhile this series takes place in the main DC Universe and not the DCAU, so I’m not sure what Vance was thinking here. Otherwise, it’s a nice story that gives Dick a little character development.

Overall this was a darn good issue, and worth checking out.


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