When everyone else does Friday Night Fights they focus on dudes beating each other up. I occasionally like to stretch the definition now and then to fights that are man versus nature (not versus animals necessarily, that’s Snell’s domain) or the like. Tonight I bring you one such fight. Also, it’s at a volcano and set in Hawaii. You can’t get more summer than that! Although Flash is only here to escape the Winter with his girlfriend…I’ll get more into it tomorrow.

“Dog Days” round 8

The Battlefield: Adventures In The DC Universe #14 (DC Comics; May, 1998) “Not Always To the Swift…”

The Promoters: Steve Vance (writer), John Delaney (penciler), Ron Boyd & Ray Kryssing (inkers), Bob LeRose (colorist), and Tim Harkins (letterer)

For reasons we’ll get into tomorrow Superboy challenges Flash to a race, which of course leads to Flash showing him up because this is clone Superboy back when he could be a loudmouth jerk at times. However, they come to a point where they have to stop, because Superboy may be a jerk but he’s still a superhero.

Yes, there’s snow on the volcano. No, I didn’t research if that’s possible.

Wait, I thought Pele was a soccer player from the 80s? At any rate the formerly dormant volcano is going to blow some people up, which can’t be good for the tourist trade.

I have not researched the science of this either. I’m a media critic, not a Mythbuster.

Lucky Flash was there to get everyone off of the volcano but did Superboy’s plan work?

“I mean of course I did. I’m awesome!”

As for the race…come back tomorrow to see what happened.

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