Yes, kids, he did choose a jacket, shades, and pants for his superhero costume. Can you say “lame”?

Starman #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“Sins Of The Father” part one: “Falling Star, Rising Sun”

Can I just say that “Sins Of The Father” has been used so often as a title they should just retire it. It’s practically a trope now! Almost literally.

WRITER: James Robinson

PENCILER: Tony Harris

INKER: Wade Von Grawbadger

COLORIST: Gregory Wright

LETTERER: John E. Workman


EDITOR: Archie Goodwin

After taking down some criminals David Knight, the current Starman, is shot and falls from a building. Ted Knight’s home is blown up but the original Starman managed to survive beside being hit by a flying brick. Jack Knight has little interest in the Starman legacy and thinks the costume is silly. But his father gave him a Cosmic Wand, the source of Starman’s power, and he’ll need it when someone comes into his store to kill him, stealing Skyman’s old belt. David manages to escape but he’s been shot too, and he’s not doing well. All this is the work of a man who wants to make Ted Knight suffer and eliminate the legacy of Starman!

Yes, nothing makes fans happier than killing off a version they like for no other reason that to replace him with his 90s counterpart. And someone who hates the legacy of the character enough to insult the costume and the legacy right in front of the previous and current Starman, who happens to be his dad. Granted when this came out I didn’t know much about Starman, and there isn’t a whole lot I know of him now. But this comic doesn’t make me want to look into it, because they’ve pretty much tossed it out the window. I mean, look at the “costume” they designed for him, although you don’t see it in the comic. I don’t have a problem with the story of a man forced into his family “business” and having to learn how to be his own hero, but the way Robinson decides to go about it is rather disrespectful of the character to give the concept a 90s makeover.

The art is good, and I don’t hate the characters. It just feel like Robinson was willing to use the name to create his own hero, or maybe it was a stupid editorial mandate, like turning Hal Jordan evil to make Kyle Rayner the only Green Lantern, and poor Kyle can’t get a break under the current Hal worship. And this version was inconsequential long before Flashpoint and the New 52 so there’s really no reason to get it unless you don’t care about legacies. And before someone tells me it was a good series, that is missing my point. It could have been better as an original hero rather than co-opting the Starman name. Then everyone might give it a better chance. It enjoys me when it’s done today, and back then is no different.


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